Picking a theme and style for your nursery, is no easy feat. With every other Instagram page showing you "what's trending" and your Pinterest board changing daily, you may find yourself drowning in gingham. There is no need to panic though! (Unless your baby is due tomorrow and your nursery is empty...) Our nursery design experts here at Children's Fair are eager to extend a lending hand.


1. Pick Your Style

Whether your style is more traditional or even eclectic, we've got you covered!


2. Pick Your Bedding

Your little one's sleeping is just as important as the rest of your nursery.


3. Decorate Your Nursery

Finish your nursery off with unique touches from Sugar + Maple or any of our other brands!


Personalized bedding from Sugar + Maple and custom bedding sets from CF Baby Customs are available as well! Go wild! Get as creative as you possibly can!


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