Saro | Luxury Back View Mirror


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When your baby is transported in a backward facing position, keeping your attention on the road while watching him can be tricky. Thanks to this mirror, you can drive safely without losing sight of your baby. Thanks to its great size and precise adjustment, you will monitor your baby when traveling by car, avoiding dangerous turns and strange manoeuvres, therefore reducing the risk of accidents. Your family will travel much more calmly and your baby will see your eyes reflected and feel more relaxed. Made in a very resistant material that does not generate splinters in case of breakage. Tilting system to adjust the viewing angle and anti-slip base to prevent it falling from the headrest. Very easy to use!

• Great size (19 x 26,5 cm)

• Turns 360º, providing the perfect viewing angle.

• Practical tilt system to easily fit the viewing position.

• Convex for a greater viewing field.

• Very safe material that does not generate glass splinters in case of breakage.

• Non-slipping base to prevent it from falling of the headrest.