Mary Meyer | Taggies | Camilla Caterpillar Character Blanket


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Taggies was born over a decade ago when a mom noticed her child’s fascination with satin tags. This idea blossomed into a world of treasured products. Little ones are mesmerized by rubbing these soft, satin loops. Exploring Taggies textured tags can provide tactile stimulation that babies crave for development and have an amazing calming effect on little ones. Discover the secret too!

Camilla is the perfect cuddly caterpillar for little ones! Made with the softest materials and features beautiful shades of pink, coral, and soft greens. TAGGIES ribbons provide an extra sensory experience for baby to explore and engage with.

Why we love:
– Nature’s miracle, the caterpillar, designed for babies.
– Soft dusty toned color palette blends with room décor.
– Crinkle Me TAGGIES features butterflies to complete the nature story
– Lots of tags for baby to explore

Our fuzzy, smiling caterpillar perches atop a pastel blue satin-lined blanket with 16 TAGGIES ribbons sewn on.

– 13×13″
– Super soft plush caterpillar sits proudly atop the center of this four panel blanket
– Caterpillar floral print is original, one of a kind Mary Meyer artwork
– Blue satin backing
– 18 Taggies ribbons sewn in
– All embroidered details
– Machine wash, air dry